Interior Painting


At Morrissey Painting we make sure we cover all of our bases. We know you have items in your home you don't expect to get paint on. To ensure this doesn't happen our first step is to cover the floors with drop cloths or paper; depending on the job. Secondly, we go around and cover up any larger items in plastic. Quality control, customer protection, and satisfaction is a guarantee with Morrissey Painting.


Throughout the day we reevaluate our work space and clean as needed throughout the duration of the job. A clean job site is a functional job site. We have top quality equipment that keeps any and all dust down to a bare minimum. At the end of each day we do a big clean up and leave the area as it was when we showed up. 

Finished Product

We use high quality paints and primers from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams with low to zero VOC's; delivering a beautifully updated look to your home. You will be excited to show off your new area to all of your friends and family. Lets turn your house into a home together.